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Pixelopode is my second pixel game.

The game will be available when I will have requests.

This is the dev page of the game, I will try to post every new update until the first version.

Game content:

Scrolling game ( goal: highest score without dying ), you move with the arrow and you can't go back and by pressing space you stay at your place, every new step you win 1 score and every 200-300 steps there is a village.

Village: Quest, shop, craft, upgrade, INN, you can do only one thing / village.

Achievement like "kill 1.000 monsters, 750 steps without dying" etc.

You collect the gold by steping on it and can use it to craft, buy, upgrade, INN.

When you level up, you have 2 points you can use them for 4 differents skills, +%HP +%DMG +%CRIT +%DODGE.

When you move, the monsters move too.

More update coming soon.

If you have any question the comments are here.

Thanks for the support.


Special thanks to "Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup " for the assets.

Development log

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