Holes, grass, key & Turtle

Holes, grass, key & Turtle

Hi, so today I'm showing you somes holes idea I still don't know how to make the tileset for holes so tell me if something is wrong thanks !

I added some grass for holes or just the floor, a key ( what is a dungeon crawler without a key ?) and a cool turtle hope you like it !

Right now I'm trying to make new monsters / npc so I will be posting a lot of things even if I don't add/keep them in the end.




I don't know if I will keep them so tell me what you think !


Special thanks to @bandito11 for the turtle idea.

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I think they look really good, you ought to keep them. It might be enticing to use the hole as a trap by obscuring it somehow or something. The eyes are an incredibly cool touch, love it! The turtle is pretty good too, looks like some poor soul lost in the dungeon who needs help escaping after being rescued from being on its back.


Thanks for your thoughts it helps me a lot !

And the idea of the turtle is really cool and cute.