Monster pack with multiple color & news

Monster pack with multiple color & news

Hey! Someone told me that there was not enough sprite to make a game, so I made more monster. And more item/object coming almost everyday !


Note that everything is in the monster_pack.rar including all sprites + all_in_one

Right now I'm trying to make dungeon object like box, crate I still don't know how to draw them but I'm trying ! ( some exemple below )


 I'm still not done with the concept so they might change ~ If you have something to advice feel free to write it in the comment section !


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What about werewolves, orcs, goblins, and turtle like monsters for the next update?

Also for the tilesets you could make cracked walls and holes on the floor. Maybe rugs and some kind of water/puddle tile. 

I don't remember if you had windows but that too.

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Sound really good ! 

I will try that, thanks for your advice !

By holes do you mean traps by any chance ? 

If not then I know what you're talking about and will make them too soon !

I didn't mean traps but that's not a bad idea either. I meant the first one you draw on the left.