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"You cannot redistribute this asset pack."

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. I could be mistaken but the CC BY 4.0 license says redistribution is permitted and that can't be revoked as long as you follow the license terms (give attribution and do not add restrictions).


Ah, yes thank you for noticing it. This asset was costing 2$ before and then I made it free, I just forgot to change the text..




Hi, just made a jam submission with this set xD -> here

It's a dungeon RPG (how to call it?) , but I ran out of time to put animations.

Really love those tiles !! Easy to use and looks amazing ! Thanks for your great work xD

Hi @Betairya and thanks for using some of my sprites.
Just tried your game and it's really cool and I love the mechanics, good job !

And hope next time you will be able to use some animations will be so cool héhé

If you ever need some custom adjustments I'm here for you.


Wow, glad to hear from you @Hamzalopode ! Thanks for your kind words xD

Yea animations will be so cool wwww
Thank you so much for your kindness of customization !! maybe next time I have good ideas >w<


These are really cute and well made!

Thank you ! 


I created a simple roguelike prototype and I used those awesome assets! Thank you!

You can check it out here if you want!


Wow love it !
Thank you Harpwood Studio so much for using my assets !


These look great! Good job!

Thanks !